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A Library Full of Books & Happiness

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Will they still be here tomorrow? students often ask Morgan VanClief, the librarian at P.A. Shaw Elementary School in Dorchester, MA. They’re asking about the brand new books that Morgan has been able to bring to the school’s library through generous grants and access to the First Book Marketplace. Many... Read more

Q&A with Author Jason Reynolds

Author Jason Reynolds’ books start the conversations about the difficult issues facing kids today. His experiences, as told through the characters in his stories, are very much like those of the children we serve – which is why we feel it’s so important for them to hear Jason’s voice. We... Read more

Two children with donated

Sneak Peek: Resources For Social & Emotional Development

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Books are not only a great resource for developing reading skills, they are also a fantastic way to help kids develop healthy feelings and relationships. In the coming weeks, the First Book Marketplace will feature a collection of hand-picked books that address key aspects of social and emotional development. In... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for August

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Our favorite books this August are sure to capture imaginations with beautiful illustrations, unconventional characters, and fascinating true stories. Read on to see the titles that hooked our book experts this month! For Pre-K –K (Ages 3-6) Who’s That?: Arctic Animals (Board Book) by Tad Carpenter We love all the... Read more

Chromebooks Are Here!

It has always been First Book’s mission to provide access to new books for children in need. When children today grow up they will depend not only on their reading skills, but also their skills with technology. That is why First Book is proud to offer new Chromebooks on its... Read more