About First Book Canada

First Book Canada believes a child’s education is their way out of poverty.

Equal Access to Quality Education

First Book Canada’s mission is to transform the lives of children in need by improving access to educational opportunities. By building up the home libraries of less-advantaged children, the FBC team works to develop resilient communities and reduce the educational inequities that entrench many Canadians in poverty. FBC programs provide access to cultural capital in the form of new books emphasizing the importance of diversity & inclusion in the development of essential skills beyond literacy – including social & emotional competencies, S.T.E.A.M. education, and youth empowerment as change-makers.
A child’s “first book” is not necessarily their first reading experience – it is that first book that they connect with, which sets them on a lifelong path of learning and inspiration. Home libraries provide agency when kids choose the best new books for themselves – building up their collection of inspiration & information. The books, we put into the hands of kids in need, provide windows to a wider world beyond the confines of mental and physical isolation; mirrors to reflect empowered, diverse experiences; and open doors to lifelong learning and opportunity. Since 2009, we have distributed more than 10 million books and educational resources to kids via a network of over 20,000 members serving Canadian kids in need – including schools, shelters, social service organizations, new-immigrant transition centres, clinics, hospitals, food-banks, and sports organizations – in every province and territory.

Honours & Awards
First Book Canada’s sound financial model, and its commitment to social sector collaboration, impact and enterprise has been widely recognized by leading organizations
Under the leadership of Executive Director Heather Farquharson, First Book Canada has become a champion of educational equality, a recognized leader in social enterprise, and home to the largest and fastest growing network of educators serving children in need throughout Canada.
Media Centre
Welcome to the First Book Canada Media Centre – your source for news, resources and multimedia features highlighting our ongoing efforts to help bring new books to children in need.
First Book Canada’s business model is designed for maximum efficiency.
Member Impact Reports
An annual report of the specific challenges that members are facing and how First Book Canada programs are supporting children in high-need communities throughout Canada.