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10 Books for National Indigenous Peoples Day

This was written by Programs Intern, Connor Richter. Friday, June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is a day where we can all celebrate the culture, traditions, and history of the Indigenous Peoples that cultivated this land before us and who continue to contribute to the rich diversity of... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for January

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Our favorite books this month celebrate the differences that make us great, inspire us to believe and dream, reinforce the power of friendship (real or imaginary!), and take us on an epic journey with two supervillains. Which of our five favorites will you read this month? For Pre-K – K... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for October

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Have you ever felt frustrated? Have you ever been the new kid in town? This month’s picks are filled with relatable themes like these. You’ll also find books the celebrate a fun tradition between family members, demonstrate the power of belief and explore themes of friendship. For older readers, you’ll... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorites for August

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Our favorite books this month will get kids exploring the outdoors, show them the importance of kindness and illustrate the bond between parents and children, no matter the distance. You’ll also find a beautiful coming-of-age story for older readers and a tale about life during wartime. Pre-K – K (ages... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Favorite Books for July

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Once a month, our team of book enthusiasts share their picks for the best in children’s and young adult books. This month, Lori, Alison, Matthew, Jenn and Miriam have selected tales on finding oneself, nurturing friendships, appreciating grandparents, adapting to change, and coping with loss — with adorable illustrations, silly... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for June

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This month’s book list features stories about two adorable pigs and jazz trailblazer Melba Doretta Liston. Flip through a page-turning mystery inspired by Chinese folklore, find a magical pen that can finish homework and learn about a man who inspired millions of students worldwide. Pre-K – K (Ages 3-6): Toot... Read more

Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for May

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Our May book list includes fun, magical books featuring adventures with an adorable elephant, funny stories about sisters for young readers, the story of strong man Charles Atlas, a laugh-out-loud tale about pranksters and one of the best teen romances ever written. Pre-K – K (Ages 3-6): Little Elliot, Big... Read more

Our Five Favorite Books for April

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Our five favorite books for April will help kids celebrate each other’s unique differences, process with the emotions of moving, learn about the culture of Haiti — even teach them a few magic tricks! For Pre-K – K (Ages 3-6): “Bad Bye, Good Bye”by Deborah Underwood In very few words,... Read more

Celebrate National Poetry Month!

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It’s April! At First Book that means it’s not just springtime, it’s the month that we celebrate all things rhythm, verse and rhyme: National Poetry Month. Here are five of our favorite collections to make poetry fun for kids of varying ages. Button Up! Wrinkled Rhymes Written by Alice Schertle,... Read more