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Unlock A Child’s Story

A book can unlock a child’s own story.

Children looking at a book.

Celebrating First Book Canada

A new digital expression of First Book Canada’s mission.

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Kicking off the School Year with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan

Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan and First Book Canada helped celebrate Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan’s Make A Mark Day by distributing 5,000 books to children in need.

Ready to Work with Us?

First Book Canada partnerships present new opportunities and solutions, each delivering a unique impact to children in need. Explore how our partnerships have made a difference to children in need.

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Support First Book Canada

Millions of children from low-income areas do not have the tools they need to learn. You can help us reach educators and professionals from coast-to-coast.

Meet Our Members

In partnership with heroic educators and organizations, First Book Canada transforms lives by improving access to equal, quality education for children in need.

Hear From Educators and Community Leaders Working With First Book Canada

Toronto District School Board, Toronto, ON

“First Book Canada doesn’t just give books away they initiate the sparks that fuel for better readers.” – Elizabeth Baltazar, Grade 5 Teacher

Durham District School Board, Durham, ON

“Your program has touched the lives of dozens of our students alone. We are very grateful!” – Lynn Gittens, Teacher-Librarian

Coast Mountains School District, Northern BC

“Keep doing what you are doing, I’ve shared information about this organization with everyone I know, some do not believe that you offer free books but I continue to spread the good word.” – Joshua Boldt, Teacher / Literacy Coordinator

Building Blocks, Flagstaff County, AB

“We could NEVER afford the quality books we can get from First Book Canada if we had to buy in a bookstore.” – Joanne McMahon, Building Blocks Coordinator

Literacy Alberni Society, Port Alberni, BC

“First Book Canada is by-far the most impactful, accessible, barrier-free service provider I’ve had the honor to work with and to have in our corner.” – Graham Hughes, Executive Director

Mothers Matter Centre, Vancouver, BC

Over 4000 Newcomer, Refugee, and Indigenous families with preschool children have received over 20,000 high-quality children’s book thanks to our fortuitous collaboration with First Book Canada.” – Deborah Bell, President/CEO

Reading is Power

Almost 25% of Canadian households don’t have a single book.

Public education and programs are deeply underfunded, and books are a luxury many families cannot afford. Without adequate resources, children cannot learn. The impact of this cycle is staggering.