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Unlock A Child’s Story

A book can unlock a child’s own story.

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Donors can now donate securities and stocks to support our mission.

Unveiling Our 2023 Impact Report

Unveiling the impact of our literary initiatives across the country from 2023! Every page turned is a step towards a brighter future.

Ready to Work with Us?

First Book Canada partnerships present new opportunities and solutions, each delivering a unique impact to children in need. Explore how our partnerships have made a difference to children in need.

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Millions of children from low-income areas do not have the tools they need to learn. You can help us reach educators and professionals from coast-to-coast.

The Impact of Our Work

First Book Canada transforms the lives of children in need by making brand-new, high-quality books and resources affordable and available to the educators and kids who need them most.

10 million
books and resources distributed to date
Hundreds of thousands
children reached annually
Over 20,000
registered members, with 100 new educators joining monthly
13 Regions
All 10 provinces and 3 territories reached

Our Model of Change

First Book Canada is a nonprofit working to remove barriers to an equitable education for children living in low-income communities. We are passionate supporters of the educators who serve kids in need. We pride ourselves on having business minds and non-profit hearts. First Book Canada is dedicated to breaking down the barriers to educational equity by increasing access to evidence-based best practices, books, and resources in underserved communities. And First Book Canada is a bridge-builder, collaborating with public and private partners, translating best-in-class expertise into educational resources to support learning for children in underserved communities.

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First Book Canada Network

The First Book Canada Network is made up of more than 20,000 educators & non-profit programs who exclusively serve kids in need.

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First Book Canada Marketplace

The First Book Canada Marketplace provides 24/7 access to high-quality, new books, and educational resources at deeply discounted prices to First Book’s network of educators.

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First Book Canada Accelerator

The First Book Canada Accelerator turns our cutting-edge research into expert-informed, actionable teaching tools — in weeks rather than decades — so educators don’t have to wait for the latest evidence-based strategies that will help their students.

A preview of First Book Canada's Diversity Calendar available for free.

First Book Canada’s 2023 – 2024 School Year Calendar

Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion in STEM

This year’s STEM-themed school calendar celebrates the scientists and inventors whose contributions have changed our world for the better. Theme months, religious observances, and dates with cultural or historical significance are also included.

Featured Partners

Dedicated partners help us create even more opportunities for educators and kids in need.

Over 4,000 Newcomer, Refugee, and Indigenous families with preschool children have received over 20,000 high-quality children’s book thanks to our fortuitous collaboration with First Book Canada.

— Deborah, Mothers Matter Centre | Vancouver, British Columbia