How Much Do Books Really Matter: New Study Shows How Book Availability Affects Children

Ever wonder if having books around has any positive side effects?  It turns out that, not only for children, but also for teachers, having books available doesn’t have a single positive effect, it has a multitude of them. This study looked at what happens when schools with little to no reading material for their students gain access to books. The results are truly astounding, and you can see the full details by clicking the infographic below..

Access to Books Promotes Reading

Studies like this one demonstrate just how critical our mission is – both at home and abroad. As part of First Book’s commitment to reaching children in need around the world, we’ve created the First Book Global Marketplace. Now more than ever, we’re proud to offer an expanding collection of deeply discounted books to educators and program leaders serving children in need worldwide.

(Many thanks to our partners at Destination Graphic for the creation of this infographic)

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