Is Your Family Up for the Challenge?

52811_CCM_WMRC_SiteGraphicsParents and caretakers play a critical role in kids becoming readers. By enjoying stories together, parents can help children learn to love reading right in their own homes!

First Book is always eager to share opportunities that encourage families to read together. And through February 19, 2016, we’ve teamed up with WWE to do just that.

Families are encouraged to join the WrestleMania Reading Challenge by reading together for 15 minutes a day or more. Each day parents or caretakers can log their minutes and enter to win a trip to WrestleMania in Dallas, TX on April 3.

Here are a few quick tips for reading together as a family:

  1. Show your child that reading is fun! Laugh out loud, make silly sounds and talk about what you’ve read.
  2. Let your child choose. Encourage your child to select books he or she most wants to read. Kids get more excited to read books they’ve chosen.
  3. Create a special reading spot. Pick a space in your home where you can read together as a family. Keep a notepad handy to jot down unfamiliar words or thoughts about each story.
  4. Act out the story. Choose a book your family knows well and have each family member act out a part of the story. Alternate who reads and who acts.

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