The Secret Portal to Happiness: A Conversation with Jennifer Mook-Sang

Jennifer Mook-Sang was born with a book in her hand in Guyana, South America. Reading is her passion. When she started reading picture books to her two boys, she realized that writing a book for kids would be the best thing anyone could do. After trying to write a story or two, she discovered it was not the easiest thing. She took lots of workshops and read lots of books about writing, then she started the first chapters of SPEECHLESS (2015, Scholastic) in a writing class. Her second book is a picture book CAPTAIN MONTY TAKES THE PLUNGE (2017, Kids Can Press). She’s added writing and revision to her list of things she’s passionate about, and hopes to write many more books that make kids laugh.

Jennifer took a moment to speak with us about why she’s excited to be an Author Champion!

How did you hear about First Book Canada?

My first experience with First Book Canada was seeing their name in the credits of one of my favourite TV shows — BOOKABOO! The idea that an organization was getting books into the hands of kids was very exciting to hear.

Why are you excited to work with First Book Canada?

Because I love reading! Knowing that I can play some little part in getting books to kids and encouraging them to read is a very exciting thought. It’s like sharing my secret portal to happiness with everyone!

Books were my friends growing up.

What role did books play in your life when you were growing up?

Books were my friends growing up. They allowed me to travel to faraway lands and become people who could be brave in the face of danger or adversity. When things in my own life were not going well, I could lose myself in a book and believe that everything would turn out alright in the end.

What has been your experience with giving your book to children to take home?

I love the look of pleasure on kids’ faces when they receive the gift of a book. Even better than that look is knowing that they’ll be able to immerse themselves in another world once they start to read. I feel as if my heart is whispering to their hearts, through the words on the page. I hope they like my book. There’s a special joy in knowing that you can return to a favourite story over and over again.

I feel as if my heart is whispering to their hearts, through the words on the page.

Thank you, Jennifer, for being an Author Champion and getting books to kids!


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