First Book Canada and Love Child Organics: Committed to Providing Canadian Children with Books for Their Home Library

Did you know that nearly 25% of Canadian households do not have a single book in them? Or that having fewer than 10 books in the home means a child can fall up to 18 months behind their peers by the time they reach third grade?

Through our programs and special community partnerships, First Book Canada is interrupting this cycle and providing books directly into the homes of kids in need throughout Canada. We are so glad to have the support of Love Child Organics through their nonprofit partnership initiative.

Why Having Books in The Home is Even More Important in the Summertime

Over the summer, students without access to enriching, quality reading materials can lose up to two months of reading ability. This results in a loss of achievements gained over the school year. Commonly called “summer slide,” this loss disproportionately affects students from low-income households, who often cannot access the summer learning opportunities that are available to their more affluent peers.

The easiest way to prevent this “slide” from happening is to ensure that students have just 4 books in the home to read when they leave school for the summer break. Through our partnership with Love Child Organics, First Book Canada is providing students from high-needs communities with the books and resources that will ignite their imagination over the summer break and allow them to get the best start to the next school year.

Through Reading Celebrations, where students can share in the joy of reading with Love Child Organic volunteers and bring home books to read with their family, and a generous donation to provide books to high-needs communities, Love Child Organics and First Book Canada are facilitating summer reading and learning by making high-quality, brand new books available on an on-going basis.

A Partnership to Provide Hundreds of Books to Children

Over the past five years, First Book Canada and Love Child Organics have provided over 52,000 books to children across Canada and visited many schools in Toronto, ON to share in the joy of reading and provide hundreds of children with books for their home libraries. This year, First Book Canada and Love Child Organics visited a high-needs elementary school. We hosted a Reading Celebration with illustrator Qin Leng. The participating students read with Love Child Organics employees and each of the students took home a brand new book to share with their families!

Love Child Organics is committed to providing students from high-needs communities with experiences they will value for years to come. At First Book Canada, we are so glad to work with Love Child Organics in providing children with these treasured memories.

Together, we are ensuring that young children have the nutrition, books, and resources they need. Through this work, we aim to support children’s social and emotional learning and development. We can all do our part to help kids reach their highest potential in education and in life!

Do you know of an educator or community leader serving kids in need? Registering with First Book Canada is fast, easy, and free – and they can immediately begin receiving access to free and low-cost books and educational resources. For more information about our work, visit and follow our latest news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Happy Reading!

The First Book Canada team