A Birthday Wish: Your Help in Providing Books to Kids

This year we’re turning 10 years old! In the last ten years, First Book Canada has distributed over 7 MILLION brand new books to children and youth from high-needs communities throughout the country.

We know that nearly 25% of Canadian homes do not have a single book in them. We also know that, with your help, we can continue to reach children who need books and educational resources to help them succeed.

Our birthday wish is for you to help us provide more kids with books that will ignite a love of reading and a passion for learning.

As a birthday gift, please consider donating $10 to First Book Canada. Your generous support will help us bring books and educational resources to children in need all over the country.

Here’s is what that $10 represents:

The retail value of these three books is over $50. That’s a lot more than most educators can afford to spend out of pocket on books – especially if they want each kid to take home their own books. However, on the First Book Canada Marketplace, our online members-only store where educators and community leaders can get books for the kids they serve, these same three books only cost $10.

If you are not able to donate, please consider sharing this message on Facebook or Twitter to share our birthday wish with others!

Thank you for your help. We couldn’t ask for a better birthday gift.