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Kicking off the school year with the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan 

Toronto, O.N. (September 25, 2023) – At First Book Canada, we are extremely grateful for the many ways volunteers make our community stronger. In 2022, Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan introduced Make A Mark Day providing an opportunity for their team members in Toronto to volunteer for specific areas of need.  

On August 22, 2023, approximately 100 Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan volunteers helped pack bags and write personal messages. Through this event, 5,000 books were distributed directly to children living in Northern Ontario with the help of our friends from United for Literacy. Books included A Different Kind of Normal by Abigail Balfe, Hoops: A Graphic Novel by Matt Tavares, The Magnificent Makers #1: How to Test a Friendship by Theanne Griffith, Inside Out and Back Again by Thanhhà Lai, and Grimwood by Nadia Shireen.  

At Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan, we believe everyone deserves access to quality educational resources. Recently, I gathered with some of my colleagues to pack tote bags with much-needed books for school-aged kids in low-income communities. Thanks to First Book Canada for engaging with us on this important initiative for our Make a Mark Day! #otppMakeAMark 

This event hosted by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan is already making a big difference in the First Book Canada Network.  

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First Book Canada’s Impact 

Currently, one in four Canadian households does not have a single book in them – early-year literacy has impacted so many children across the country. Given the importance of literacy capacity, First Book Canada knows just how important it is for children to feel like they belong in their learning environments.  

First Book Canada is building a world where every child has access to a quality education. Are you looking for a positive impact on your community? Learn more about how you can support and take action with First Book Canada at firstbookcanada.org/take-action-canada/.