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Various S.T.E.M symbols, planets, electric cars, and microscopes.

First Book Canada Resource: Diversity In S.T.E.M. Calendar

Kids learn better when they feel seen and supported in the classroom. At First Book Canada, our primary focus is to ensure all kids feel welcome by giving them new and exciting ways to think about their talents, interests, and future careers. That’s one of the reasons why we have created the 2023-2024 Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion in S.T.E.M. Calendar. Read more

High-quality children’s books now available to early literacy programs across Canada through new First Book Canada portal

With books curated by Canadian Children’s Literacy Foundation, portal will provide organizations with a great resource to support young children on the road to reading TORONTO (January 25, 2021)– First Book Canada (FBC) today launched a book portal featuring board books and story books for young children, all at a... Read more

10 Books for National Indigenous Peoples Day

This was written by Programs Intern, Connor Richter. Friday, June 21st is National Indigenous Peoples Day. It is a day where we can all celebrate the culture, traditions, and history of the Indigenous Peoples that cultivated this land before us and who continue to contribute to the rich diversity of... Read more

A plan for each child’s education

This post is created in collaboration with the Government of Canada. November 18-24 is Education Savings Week! This is a great opportunity to talk about saving early for a child’s education after high school. Whether it’s an apprenticeship program, trade school, college or university, post-secondary education can open up a world of opportunities for a child. What... Read more

Book Recommendations for K-12 in the Wake of Charlottesville

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As students return to start a new school year, a national online conversation has emerged among educators and advocates around the country. Catalyzed by the violence and unrest in Charlottesville, VA, as well as other national events, teachers and organizations are sharing resources for dealing with topics of race, hate... Read more